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Re: Continued support for Ubuntu Touch: Join UBports today!


El día lunes, noviembre 13, 2017 a las 07:20:57a. m. +0100, Walter Garcia-Fontes escribió:

> I agree that UBports needs a mailing list. The Telegram group is a
> chat, and so it is impossible (at least for me) to keep track of
> conversations, and less to look archives for solved issues or
> important announcements. The forum is better in that sense, but in
> most communities where I participate I use both a forum and a mailing
> list, I think they have different audiences. 

I fully agree with this opinion about Tg;

> Maybe now that UBports is growing and may have dedicated servers, we
> can ask to create a mailing list, especially if there are volunteer
> maintainers, I don't think we can ask the maintainers of the forum or
> the Telegram groups to also maintain a mailing list. 

I'd volunteer to administer such list, but can not provide any
technical infrastructure to host such list.

> We can discuss it over at UBports. 

Would you like to start it there? Thanks


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