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Re: E4.5 Touch-screen problems


El martes, 28 de agosto de 2018 7:33:45 (CEST), Nicholas Thurel <nicholas.thurel@xxxxxxxxx> escribió:

Just wondering... Did you try with a Bluetooth mouse connected?
If the issue is HW with the touchscreen, maybe a mouse would help bypass
this. A BT mouse works fine on Android, not sure on UT.

Some smartphones had/have issues when charging or with low network (e.g.
helicopter issue with HTC One S).



With great difficulties I managed to activate the configured hotspot, could connect via SSH from my laptop, export contacts and backed up all content fom ~phablet. I powered off the device from the shell. It sits there, nearly bricked, i.e. only some small areas of the screen is responsive on touch. I put the SIM into the E4.5 of my son, to be reachable here in Italy during my vacation. For communication I have my BQ M10.

At home I will move to my UBports E4.5 and will see what I could do with the brick. Is it worth to send it to BQ for screen replacement when a full reset does not help?



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