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Re: Any upcoming "new" supported devices?


Am 13.06.2019 um 14:06 schrieb A. James Lewis:
> After breaking my MX4 some time ago, I had to replace my phone and so
> I have a cheap Chinese Android phone, but I'd love to get back to
> Ubuntu Phone, especially seeing all the work that has been done... but
> I wonder, has any consideration been given to partnering with a
> hardware vendor again to deliver a modern phone supporting the UBports
> release?...
> I imagine Huawei might have some spare phones looking for an OS lately!


it is very difficult to partner with hardware vendors for Android due to
a lot of licensing and NDA stuff. We were not able to proceed with this
unless now, where we reached the state of a foundation under German law.
Even now it is questionable if any hardware vendor will accept coop with us.

Huawei is no choice. Its basically clear that they want/need to stay
with Android-compatible OSes due to the mass market hungry for Android
apps. Second, Huawei is for sure infiltrated by the Chinese government
and we will stay out of any political discussions. The US allegations
are probably right, they implement backdoors et al, but primarily of
course for their own Chinese market.

Free software means really a need for free hardware. We are in talks
with Purism, Pine64 and they guys from Shiftphone to deliver really open
hardware with mainlined drivers. Stay tuned for this via our social
media, https://forums.ubports.com/ and our Telegram groups. Pine Phone
is by far the most promising candidate: https://www.pine64.org/pinephone/

as Matthias said already, we never started the habit to have mailing
lists. I think the reason is that we got a broad community, also with a
lot of "end users" who find it much easier to deal with "easy" tools
like forum and Telegram group. But I am not sure about this. Fact is,
nobody uses mailing lists and this will not be easy to change.

BR Florian

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