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Preseeding s390-dasd is now available



Similar to s390-zfcp preseeding, there is now support for s390-dasd
preseeding too.

There are three new preseed keys, and in most cases just one is needed:

d-i s390-dasd/dasd string
-> comma separated list of ids to be activated

Using above key also sets the following key to true:
d-i s390-dasd/auto_format boolean true
Which will perform dasdfmt, if the device is not otherwise formatted.

If one wants to force formatting there is also:
d-i s390-dasd/force_format boolean true
If this is set, the activated dasd drives will always be reformatted
using dasdfmt

This is currently available in Yakkety Yak (16.10) and is in progress
to be integrated as an SRU (Stable Release Update) into 16.04. You can
track the progress of SRU at

One can try out pre-release installer components, including the new
s390-dasd, on xenial using apt-setup/proposed=true. E.g. if using
preseeding in the paramfile it will thus look like this:
apt-setup/proposed=true s390-dasd/dasd=0.0.0200

To use udebs from xenial-proposed, activate and format, if needed,
0.0.0200 dasd drive.

Passing apt-setup/proposed will not be required on xenial, once the
update is release. And is not required on yakkety.

Any feedback about preseeding s390-dasd drives in the installer is
highly appreciated back on this mailing list.



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