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Re: Preseeding s390-dasd is now available



I got preseeding working with the exception of two questions that still have to be answered on the 3270 console.  Details in section 1.8 of the draft document just announced on:

I set the "format DASD" flag, and believe was actually run. Here's some searching on dmesg of the resulting system:

  # dmesg | grep dasd 
  [    0.798293] dasd-eckd 0.0.0151: A channel path to the device has become operational
  [    0.801624] dasd-eckd 0.0.0151: New DASD 3390/0C (CU 3990/01) with 16379 cylinders, 15 heads, 224 sectors 
  [    0.802321] dasd-eckd 0.0.0151: DASD with 4 KB/block, 11792880 KB total size, 48 KB/track, compatible disk layout
  [    0.804143]  dasda:VOL1/  0X0151: dasda1 dasda2 
  [    2.213714] EXT4-fs (dasda1): mounting ext2 file system using the ext4 subsystem
  [    2.220308] EXT4-fs (dasda1): mounted filesystem without journal. Opts: (null)

I would expect to see another message about the disk being formatted.

    -Mike M

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