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Fwd: [Ubuntu-manual] Compiling translated PDFs


จากครั้งก่อนที่คุยเรื่อง compile ubuntu-manual นะครับ ตอนนี้ทาง
ubuntu-manual ให้สคริปมาใหม่ครับ ไว้มีเวลาเดี๋ยวผมลอง build มาให้อ่านดู
หรือถ้าใครว่างจะ build มาให้ก็ดีครับ


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kevin Godby <godbyk@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2010/1/29
Subject: [Ubuntu-manual] Compiling translated PDFs
To: Manual mailing list <ubuntu-manual@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Good news, everyone!

I've got a lot of the translation stuff automated now.

Not-so-good news: If you want to compile translated documents, you'll
have to jump through some hoops at first.

First, for those of you who are just writing plain, boring English,
nothing has changed for you.  You can continue to run 'make' and
everything should be fine.  (If it's not, run the pkgs/install-pkgs.sh
script and try again.)

For those of you who would like to compile the PDF in your favorite
language/dialect, you're going to have to install the latest version
of TeX Live (2009).  Unfortunately, this is not in the Ubuntu

To install the latest TeX Live:

 1. Uninstall all the Ubuntu TeX Live packages:  sudo apt-get remove

 2. Download the TeX Live 2009 install script:

 3. Unpack the tarball: tar -zxvf install-tl-unx.tar.gz

 4. Change to the newly-unpacked directory: cd install-tl-*

 5. Run the script: ./install-tl

 6. Select where you'd like to install everything, and any other
options you prefer.  (If you want to install someplace that you don't
have permissions, you'll need to cancel and re-run the script with

 7. Run the install-pkgs.sh script that's in the ubuntu-manual/pkgs/
dir to make sure you have all the required packages.

 8. If everything checks out okay, you should be able to run: make
ubuntu-manual-LANG.pdf   where LANG is the language code (see the po/
dir for a list of supported languages).

Note that not all languages are supported yet (especially those
requiring non-Latin scripts).

If you have any questions or run into any problems, feel free to
contact me.  I'm usually in IRC as godbyk and can, of course, be
contacted via email.



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