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Re: Some basic ideas for Ubuntu TV.


Do a basic parental lock until someone logs in.

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 8:44 PM, Chris <cyber.druif@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> How about dropping in all together? Only lock certain parts, like x-rated
> movies and the time-grid part etc. No need to log in to watch recorded
> movies accessible for all ages or other content.
> Again, only logging in when you come to "dangerous" parts of the system
> for young kids.
> With metta, Chris
> On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 21:37, Callum Saunders <dancemeep@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:
>> Ubuntu TV being desktop and having a TV mode seems to defeat the purpose
>> of TV, it would complicate the whole experience.
>> Multiple accounts would be good, probably necessary when working with
>> Ubuntu One. I don't think it should ask for login at startup though as it
>> slows down getting to content (Imagine realising you're about to miss
>> Doctor Who and having to login into your TV?
>> I'd prefer if it just booted into default mode, straight into channels
>> and then people can log in if they want their stuff.
>> On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 8:10 PM, Jo-Erlend Schinstad <
>> joerlend.schinstad@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> I was thinking about Ubuntu TV after seeing Alan Bells thoughts.
>>> 1) The TV is also a Big Screen.
>>> I disagree with the idea that Ubuntu TV should only be TV. What I would
>>> like, is to have one TV-mode for actually watching TV, and another for an
>>> extra desktop thing. I think it would be nice if the "show desktop" feature
>>> was used for this. When you show the desktop, then your normal Unity
>>> becomes visible with the desktop Unity, etc. Hit the button again, and the
>>> screen fades back into TV mode.
>>> 2) User management.
>>> Ubuntu TV should support multiple users, for multiple reasons. One good
>>> reason is permissions. Parents should be able to choose which sites and
>>> channels their kids are allowed to watch and when. Kids of different ages
>>> should be able to watch different things. Some wives might want to control
>>> their husbands as well. ;)
>>> Another thing is obviously favorite channels, bookmarks (which we need
>>> to come up with a better name for), personal applications and settings. You
>>> would also configure your personal devices, which would be recognized
>>> automatically. (I'll get back to that)
>>> When you "start" the TV, you should be presented with a login screen
>>> which should be remote controllable using a standard remote (and other
>>> things). The default option would be to log in as Guest (perhaps Viewer, or
>>> something like that would be better). This account would have restricted
>>> access.
>>> 2) Controlling Ubuntu TV.
>>> When you start the TV, you choose a user using a normal remote control
>>> or your phone using bluetooth. You would then be able to choose which
>>> devices to use. For instance, I would bring my netbook and phone and sit
>>> down on my couch. I then pick up the remote control on the table (or start
>>> an app on my phone) and press the on-button. That displays a welcome screen:
>>> 1) Guest
>>> 2) Jo-Erlend
>>> 3) Ima Nother
>>>  I press 2 to choose "Jo-Erlend" and then I'm displayed with a second
>>> screen:
>>> 1) Enter your PIN using the remote control.
>>> 2) Activate joe-netbook and joe-phone
>>> 3) Only use joe-netbook
>>> 4) Only use joe-phone
>>> This is where it gets interesting. I can log in using the remote
>>> control, entering a PIN number I've chosen. This only provides access to
>>> watch TV and not other parts of the system, since a PIN doesn't provide
>>> much security, but sufficient to watch TV.
>>> However, that's boring. Instead, I choose to activate my netbook and
>>> phone. These are discovered on the WLAN. If I activate my phone, then a
>>> remote control app is run on the phone which is then used as an input
>>> device and I can login using an onscreen keyboard. I can then use my real
>>> password, providing full access to my user account on the big screen. I
>>> would use my phone as a dynamic, touchbased remote control, with play
>>> controls and lenses to easily access content, but also get webfeed updates
>>> on it -- from the TV system, etc. I should be able to switch to desktop
>>> mode, and then the phone can be used as a mouse and an onboard keyboard.
>>> Activating my netbook means the TV connects to it, and I can then use my
>>> laptops keyboard and touchpad as input units for the TV, providing me with
>>> a very big screen to do any kind of work, like a big spreadsheet or
>>> anything. This solution is already readily available in Synergy, which is
>>> available for OS X, Windows, GNU/Linux, meaning that any laptop can easily
>>> be used for this as long as Synergy is running on it.
>>> It would be nice if you could use tablets for this as well, at least as
>>> a mouse and keyboard for the TV, but the TV should also be able to display
>>> things on the tablet in that case.
>>> What do you think?
>>> Jo-Erlend Schinstad
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