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Reading Features.


I was reading the feature list and it seems to me that all this software idea could be built into the TV itself. I am looking at this as a hardware issue. With building the Ubuntu Software into the TV it gets rid of the issue of having a tv and a box and two remotes. If you have say 3 or 4 USB ports built in to it you can then add an external hard drive to save all shows , movies , etc. 

Now you have seen how the Wii works why not have a remote that works along those lines and allows the user to point and click with the remote. Have built into the remote a slide out keyboard. Or you can have a "Normal remote" and use the USB ports for wireless keyboards and mouse. Say if you do live TV make a app for Unity which is initially there for live TV and Unity is minimized but not gone while the live TV is full screen. Look at LG's Magic Motion TV. Ubuntu can easily do that.
heres the link for the LG TV.

think about it.

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