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Re: Just a broseph reminder



I am glad to have meet you two weeks ago. You spent like 6 hours/day in
visio + probably more in the day to custom the ubuntu TV on unity-2d for
our ubuntu party in Paris. It was fun to customize it with you; I can
remember the energy you put on it "ok, let's try this" or "I get a cup
of coffee and I fix that", I don't regret the sleepy face I had at work
during this week. Thank you. You are awesome and it is so ubuntu.

We spoke a lot about you with members of our LoCo as *the guy* who did
the thing; for me you are the "star" (your own word after the
iloveubuntu post and g+ :P) of our party; and maybe the star of the
ubuntu party in Bordeau next week-end if they install it from the ppa
you did after our party (I gave them the link, it is up to them to do
the apt-get).
I really hope to meet you IRL next UDS (maybe once Ill be able to come!)
to pay you these drink I ow you.

About these haters, I just can't say a lot except ignoring them, anyway
"haters gonna hate", don't them ?
Well, it is only few words, I hope it will help you to keep the mind in
the positive way.

I didn't read a lot about "SkunkWorks"¹ but maybe it is a way for you to
get some money from Canonical; I just don't know, maybe it is not at all
a discuss to be paid, but opening your wiki² page should be not a lost
thing, we never know ?



[2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkunkWorks/ParticipationTemplate

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