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June 2013 Business Meeting -- Ubuntu Ohio


Hello all.  It appears we need to have a business meeting this month to dispose of a few matters including a couple items related to Ohio Linux Fest.  The meeting would be held next week so that there is time to prepare.  A poll to select your time preference can be found here: http://doodle.com/q84nfe52hganum4u

The meeting time and date will be announced on the mailing list and in IRC channel topic by noon on Friday, June 14th.  There will be a slide deck for the meeting which will be available at least 24 hours before the meeting via slideshare.net.  The meeting will be conducted in the LoCo IRC channel on FreeNode of #ubuntu-us-oh and a log with slides interleaved will be posted to the Ubuntu Wiki infrastructure after the meeting wraps up.  Beyond the slide deck there will be no companion audio or video channel for this.

Although the poll shows one hour blocks it is my intent that the meeting run for 30 minutes or less.  The slide deck will contain the meeting agenda.  If you matters you wish brought up at the meeting please send me e-mail directly at skellat@xxxxxxxxxx so that we can either work such into the agenda or refer them to other appropriate bodies.

The LoCo Contacts list has been copied on this so that anybody who wishes to "sit in" and observe is aware of this and may plan to do so.

Have a great start to the week.

Stephen Michael Kellat
POC & Leader, Ubuntu Ohio