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Good morning,

Yes, that is the goal, to update them manually every six months.
Long version:
I have become sick and tired of trying to do it automated(as in just
checking a wiki page) when other people don't update their
documentation. I really would like to just do it myself because I can
trust myself and I know that I am being accurate. Because face it, the
documentation lacks a lot of good, up-to-date information. So if there
was an easy way to check this, that was up-to-date and good, I would
use that. But there isn't. So I would rather work hours upon hours
every release to do this rather then having outdated content. We really
need to make this good for new users, and if we have outdated content,
it can drive them away.

The general goal is to be able to point people to this website and for
them to learn enough about Ubuntu to install it, know how it affects
their system, and know their options on demand, so the idea of them
talking to us could work, if they were willing to wait, maybe a contact
form? I will play with that idea.

Generally this is going to be for people tech savvy enough to download
and use software, so I don't expect your grandma who is on Windows XP
and still has dial-up to be able to understand this. That being said, I
might look at it later and have one of my little brothers look at the
content to decide if it is too hard, and I will adjust accordingly. Do
you think this should specifically be for skilled users, or should we
go with the plan of adjusting for unskilled users? Maybe a toggle of

Happy holidays! :)

Have a nice day,
Simon Quigley
Contact for the Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team
Lubuntu Quality Assurance Tester

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