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Re: Fwd: Vietnamese translator needed


Le 21/04/2010 22:56, Le Kien Truc a écrit :
> Nghĩ giỡn hay sao ko opensource mà nhờ mình dịch vậy, just ignore nó.
Có thể làm thế... hoặc trả lời nói rõ việc dịch có giá ! ;-)

Có thể trả lời như vậy (a bit polite) :

Some of our translation staff members may be interested in contributing
to your project, but your email doesn't tell what would be the reward
for that work?

Hoặc như vậy (mạnh hơn ;-) ) :

We are interested in helping OpenSource project and/or getting money
rewards. Your project doesn't fall in the first case, so do you intend
to pay for this translation work?

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