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Ubuntu-ca IRC meeting tomorrow


Hi everyone: Just want to remind you of the Ubuntu Canadian Team meeting
tomorrow (Thursday, 22 November 2012) in IRC at the following times:

8:30pm Newfoundland

8:00pm Atlantic

7:00pm Eastern

6:00pm Central

5:00pm Mountain

4:00pm Pacific

Tune in to the #ubuntu-ca channel on Freenode.net.  Spiffy mail clients
might launch your IRC app if you click on


Web access to the channel is at

If you're in Eastern Standard Time you may be close for the Waterloo
Ubuntu Hour in Almadina's Restaurant (map:
http://osm.org/go/ZXnbjfaWR--?m ) immediately afterwards. Although it
officially starts at 8:00pm and, as an "Ubuntu Hour", should end at
9:00pm, I'll be there from at least 7:00pm for the IRC meeting.  Come
join me!



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