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Re: Ubuntu-GIS - how to help?


There are a number of developers working on debiangis who have been very encouraging and helpful toward my clumsy ubuntugis efforts. I think many/all of them are subscribed to this ubuntugis email list.

They have also been very good at answering my questions on the debiangis IRC channel, (which they have agreed to share with the ubuntugis team).

So yes, your efforts packaging the java based OpenJUMP would be very helpful for the community, and yes, there are knowledgeable people you can ask questions from who have a track record of being helpful so far.

I look forward to hearing how you go, and will also help where I can.

Landon Blake wrote:
Cameron wrote: "Landon Blake, this might be something you would be
interested in, by packaging Open JUMP?"

This has been on my task list for something like two (2) years. :]

I'd probably be the best one to tackle the task, as I'm using some of
the Java software stack and I am also a fairly experienced user of
Ubuntu and Debian.

Do we have an experienced Deb package maintainer on board? I can start
with the old package for OpenJUMP, but could really use someone to
bounce questions off of.
I know there are also "Java Specific" issues when it comes to
Ubuntu/Debian packages, but I can probably much through these myself.

At any rate, I can put off some other projects to work on an
OpenJUMP/JTS package if it will be of value.

Let me know what our timeline will look like so I can plan to slot some
time for this.

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Alan Boudreault wrote:
Hi Cameron,

I'm wondering if i could do something to help you?
Yes, lots.

I think the first steps is to define what needs to be done, and how to do it - which is what I was doing by tweaking the debian-gis thermometer

script to support ubuntugis.

One we collectively know what needs to be done, then people can volunteer to take on chunks of work that interest them.

Then package something, and write the process involved in packaging so that others can follow your footsteps. The process should be put be linked from here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGIS#For%20developers%20and%20packagers
 (I haven't gone through this process yet so am still on a learning

Open questions for me:
* What are the deadlines for getting packages into the various Debian/Ubuntu repositories? * What is the upstream status and versions of all the Ubuntu packages? How should we maintain this information? (This should be shared between DebianGIS and UbuntuGIS).
* How should we track issues and status of packaging?
* What versioning system should we use?

A very high value contribution would be to package one of the java GIS packages as this has not been done yet and will help open up the whole java stack to packaging. Ladon Blake, this might be something you would be interested in, by packaging Open JUMP?

 Also, did you see my
post on Ubuntu-GIS Mailing List named " Public mailing list" ?
Yes, I had a look into adding non-developers to the email list and couldn't work out how to do it with the Ubuntu framework. We could set up another list on OSGeo infrastructure, but I'm loath to create yet another email list.

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