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You are being removed from UbuntuGIS, please subscribe to new email list


You are about to be removed from the UbuntuGIS project, and hence this email list. If UbuntuGIS is of interest to you, please subscribe to the public email list that has been set up to replace it at:

To explain:

We have reached the point in UbuntuGIS where we would like to start loading new Ubuntu packages into the UbuntuGIS Personal Package Archive (PPA). To set this up, and to be trusted by the Ubuntu community, we have been advised that we need a trusted, closed community. At the moment, anyone can add themselves UbuntuGIS launchpad, including vindictive or incompetent people.

So what we have done is created a separate, open email list as above, and we are about to remove all members with Ubuntu GIS commit rights, then add people as they have a need for it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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