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Re: Ubuntu GNOME - the new logo


Patrik will take care of some changes (e.g., using the official GNOME font)
and I'll try to reach the GNOME Legal Board tonight so that we can get
their feedback as soon as possible.

I've already "informed" Patrik of the standard procedure of taking the
screenshots (i.e., wait till the development cycle is advanced enough and
take the screenshots in a virtual machine running a daily image); so just
take the images as some guideline for the final product.

On 11 July 2015 at 02:58, Tim <darkxst@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Patrik,
> On 10/07/15 21:25, Patrik Bubák wrote:
> > Gentlemen,
> >
> > I think this matter doesn't need any more postponing, and so I'm happy
> to present to you the fruits of my labour for the past few months.
> >
> > The artwork team has agreed this be our new brand identity. I would
> like, of course, to hear your thoughts and comments.
> This looks great, can you forward your design onto the GNOME Foundation
> for approval. As a minor note I believe one of the requirements of using
> the GNOME trademark in our logo, but that it used the same font as used in
> the official GNOME logo. However see what they think of the current
> design before changing it!
> >
> > More on the project: http://on.be.net/1J8ezFh
> > See it in action: http://on.be.net/1FERsjc
> I suppose the ubiquity slideshow is still in its early stages? however I
> notice that you are not using the default icon/gtk themes?
> We do not ship vlc, but totem as the default video player, there seem to
> be a number of other not-included apps featured in the slideshow as
> well. If you want to have a slide or two that features "available"
> applications, that is fine by me. just make it clear they are not installed
> by default!
> In case you are not sure what was installed by default, you can use the
> 'seeded-in-ubuntu' cli tool to check, for example:
> $ seeded-in-ubuntu vlc
> vlc is seeded in:
>   mythbuntu: daily-live
>   ubuntu-mate: daily-live
> $ seeded-in-ubuntu totem
> totem is seeded in:
>   edubuntu: dvd
>   ubuntu-gnome: daily-live
>   ubuntu: daily-live
> >
> > For a detailed overview it is highly recommended to go through the
> attached file (PDF, 24 pages).
> I think the pdf got stripped from the email that went through the lists
> >
> > Nothing ruins creativity like too many voices weighing in. We call it
> the /Ice Cream Principle/. Tell 10 people to go get ice cream with one
> > condition: they all have to agree on one flavour. That flavour is going
> to be chocolate or vanilla every time. Groups of people don't agree on
> > what's cool or interesting, they agree on what's easy to agree on.
> >
> >
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