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My idea of something new (like the Xubuntu docs)



Sorry again, but I have a lot to do in real life and there is no time for some open-source work.

I have playing around with some web things these days and I have created this on a sub domain:


I like the Xubuntu docs model and as far as I remember we were talking about that in the beginning of the year 2014, too. The Wiki pages are good for now, but I accept that the Xubuntu team has created something clear, simple and eye-candy. We can use their model - @ Christopher  has downloaded and recreated their site. We can use our own site, but it will not be easy to maintain, because that means that we need web developers or we need to play the role of web developers. I have some knowledge in PHP, MySQL and building a CMS, but these skills are not enough to power entire documentation site.

We can start with the Xubuntu copied site and one day we can create our own (with our design) web site.

But I accept the idea of pursuing something new.

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