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ubuntuone - cross-platform support


Hi all,
     This is going to be perhaps a controversial (or not) request. So
please take couple of deep breaths, have your favorite cup of coffee,
put the AC or whatever puts you at ease. My use-case is desktop users
rather than anybody else.

Existing scenario :-

1. As of right now, the only competitor per-se is usage of google
gears rather than anything else. http://tools.google.com/gears/ and of
localstorage http://hacks.mozilla.org/2009/06/localstorage/ which are
of browser-based solutions. (but then the data remains on PC as well
as the cloud and I/O as in bandwidth is saved.)

2. The other kind of solution which exists are something like
http://docs.google.com/ and www.zoho.com which are again manual upload
file-sharing and backup online solutions.

3. The other competitor is of course windows skydrive or whatever its
called (which I haven't really checked out).

4. The use-case is specifically with desktop users its much more
easier to get them acquainted with the windows version of FOSS
applications, get their usage of these applications happening and then
slowly migrate them towards GNU/Linux. If they are already aware and
using FOSS applications then the migration is relatively pain-free.
(or atleast that has been my humble experience so far.)

5. It would be great if ubuntuone would be open for FOSS applications
file backup, syncing etc. on the windows platform too . It should give
bigger visibility to Ubuntu in MS-Windows world which doesn't know any
other service provider other than MS and Google.

I do have some more ideas but please lemme know what you think ?
Feedback and constructive criticism encouraged.
          Shirish Agarwal
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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