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Re: ubuntuone - cross-platform support


On Mon, Sep 07, 2009 at 06:01:05PM +0530, shirish wrote:
> Hi all,
>      This is going to be perhaps a controversial (or not) request. So
> please take couple of deep breaths, have your favorite cup of coffee,
> put the AC or whatever puts you at ease. My use-case is desktop users
> rather than anybody else.

OK. But... what part of Ubuntu One are you talking about? I can't
deduce it from the rest of your email.

Nevertheless, I'm answering what I can...

> Existing scenario :-
> 1. As of right now, the only competitor per-se is usage of google
> gears rather than anything else. http://tools.google.com/gears/ and of
> localstorage http://hacks.mozilla.org/2009/06/localstorage/ which are
> of browser-based solutions. (but then the data remains on PC as well
> as the cloud and I/O as in bandwidth is saved.)

if you're talking about the cloud-sync'ed storage, there are many
other competitors; the owner of the space seems to be dropbox, but
there are lots of others. If you're talking about something else...? I
don't know where gears comes into it.

> 2. The other kind of solution which exists are something like
> http://docs.google.com/ and www.zoho.com which are again manual upload
> file-sharing and backup online solutions.

and here you lost me completely :-(

> 3. The other competitor is of course windows skydrive or whatever its
> called (which I haven't really checked out).

here you seem to be talking about the storage, again.

> 4. The use-case is specifically with desktop users its much more
> easier to get them acquainted with the windows version of FOSS
> applications, get their usage of these applications happening and then
> slowly migrate them towards GNU/Linux. If they are already aware and
> using FOSS applications then the migration is relatively pain-free.
> (or atleast that has been my humble experience so far.)

and here you lost me again.

> 5. It would be great if ubuntuone would be open for FOSS applications
> file backup, syncing etc. on the windows platform too . It should give
> bigger visibility to Ubuntu in MS-Windows world which doesn't know any
> other service provider other than MS and Google.

the Ubuntu One storage protocol and client are both Free Software;
a lot of the other parts of Ubuntu One are built on or around CouchDB
which is also Free Software, and most (if not all... I don' thave the
whole hawg in my head right now) are Free Software as well.

> I do have some more ideas but please lemme know what you think ?
> Feedback and constructive criticism encouraged.

Thank you for sharing. But please try to introduce and contextualize
your ideas, otherwise it makes it too hard for the rest of us :)


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