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Re: How about developing a spec for all DE's and implement a common low-level API...


> So basically all messages *would *be unified based on the fact that it is
> using whatever means the DE already has in place?  I like the idea of
> passing off the display to the system. However, it still leaves the
> question
> of which means on KDE to utilize though, correct?  SysTray or Plasmoid?

This is an issue for the messaging indicator, not for notifications.  For
MI, I think it'd look grossly out of place if it wasn't in the systray
(but I should probably stop repeating myself).

> If a Plasmoid notification is designed, it will be Karmic's baby...Do you
> really see these additions making it upstream?  I see it more of an add-on
> for Kubuntu, since KDE is pushing their notifications system...which is
> okay, but I don't know if that's a team goal to get this upstream, or if
> it's more important for consistency across *buntu(s)...

I don't see it as KDE pushing their notifications system.  Their
notifications system is an integral part of KDE.  They don't 'push' it any
more than they push any other aspect of KDE.

Users only use on DE at a time.  Some (like me) only use one DE period.  I
think the most important thing is consistency within that DE experience.

To take the notion of consistency across the *buntu's to an extreme, we
could greatly increase consistency by replacing XFCE and KDE with Gnome. 
I don't think consistency across the various DEs used by the various
*buntus should be a goal at all.

Scott K

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