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Re: problems with messaging indicator and workflow


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Dylan McCall wrote:
>> I think this is where the greatest potential for saving systray space comes 
>> from.  I'm working on a blog post on this (since it's hard to point at 
>> pictures on a mailing list).  When I looked through the stuff on my systray 
>> and thought, "what do I really not want there/wouldn't mind if it were one 
>> level of indirection away" and it was all system related.
>> Scott K
> That's exactly what I was thinking a while ago, too. Something like the
> system tray does make a lot of sense for presenting long-term
> notifications within a single level of individual icons, where each icon
> is a notification. Could use an infrastructure touch-up (get on d`
> bus!), but it's adequate for UI and I can see why people use it.
> Instead of Message Indicator, Ubuntu should be pushing a Hardware
> Indicator where people control / monitor the different hardware devices
> attached to their computer. Bluetooth, sound and networking go there.
> This could really improve how the user interacts with new hardware,
> since he could immediately expect any newly attached hardware to trigger
> some feedback in that one place. It's like the window from the
> abstracted world of software into the actual physical part of the
> computer. For example, an attached USB flash drive could get an entry in
> the Hardware Indicator, or a new printer :)
> It could be further blinged out by the fact that such a design opens up
> a ton of space for quick hardware stuff - a resource we have always
> needed, since today's hardware icons in the notification area convey
> very little actual information on their own. 

for these same reasons , that the present system notifications are not
highly useful without text, i had proposed a concept of *notification
tags* [not to seem in love with my own idea,pls check out this
link>https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NotificationDesignGuidelines/Comments ,for
mockups on the notification tags... but i hope something similar is
developed]. where the persistent notifications are presented in a way
useful summarized information is presented to user.

presenting information in an organized manner is more important to
making a OS look more standardized , professional and complete, rather
than a bunch of working softwares bundled together.
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