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Re: Things I have noticed


Natan Yellin wrote:
> How about, for starters, adding a gconf option to show an X icon on
> notifications. I personally think it makes sense not to have one, but
> if people want one then you should let them have it. (And normal
> users, who you're trying to train to use notifications in a specific
> way, will never turn on the X because they don't even know what gconf is.)
Given that we have limited resources, we'll probably focus those
resources on the main target audience. So, this isn't something we'll
spend time on. But a patch that adds this would likely be accepted (if I
was doing the review of the design).

A tricky thing you'll need to get right is signalling the "clickthrough
vs click-on" nature of the [X]. We are currently working on theming, and
we've got a number of different overlays, some of which are
clickable-and-dragable, some of which are click-through, some of which
are clickable but not dragable. You'll need to think hard about whether
mouseover should still blur the overlay when you are moving towards the
[X] - you'll need to decide if it even blurs the [X]!

(You may not have seen the full story with notifications blurring when
you mouse over them, depending on build and graphics stack on your machine).


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