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Re: Fwd: Things I have noticed


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Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> Steve Dodier wrote:
>> Mark, do you mind explaining what you mean with an "halfway line" ?
>> Does it mean the notifications wouldn't go in the top of the screen if
>> there's no sync notification ? That'd be space eating in netbooks and
>> laptops, imho.
> Sure, here's a picture of what I'd like us to try:
> Test positioning for Karmic notifications
> This is not great, from an aesthetic perspective. But it solves a number
> of issues:
> Â - notifications won't occlude the tabs-and-search-and-title area that
> they currently do
> Â - syncronous ("feedback") notifications, which are always the same
> size, will always be in the same place
> Â - ... as will async notifications
> Â - ... which can grow downwards to a certain size without having to
> slide anywhere

but *this position will block the work area*...!

and since there is no way to instantly dismiss the bubble ,
the *user is forced to shift focus from work*, and if he has to view the
background he has to switch from the keyboard and use the mouse to make
it invisible...

please reconsider this decision...

the ideal *position will be at the bottom* and making the notifications
grow upwards, bottom left or right would be the best choice ,since not
much happens at those areas , and that is the usual location for status bar.

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