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Re: Fwd: Things I have noticed


2009/5/13 Mark Shuttleworth <mark@xxxxxxxxxx>:
Sure, here's a picture of what I'd like us to try:


 - notifications won't occlude the tabs-and-search-and-title area that they
currently do
 - syncronous ("feedback") notifications, which are always the same size,
will always be in the same place
 - ... as will async notifications
 - ... which can grow downwards to a certain size without having to slide

Do async. notifications have a maximum height?
If they do, I think a more sensible position would be max_height away from the bottom of the screen, and then place the synchronous notifications just above that.

This would solve the problem of having to expand notifications upwards, and also keep them away from the middle of the screen, which is likely to get in the way more.

Alternatively, if the notifications are kept at the top right, the sync. notifications could be placed to the left of the async. ones rather than below, has this been considered?


Matt Wheeler

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