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Re: "Power information" notifications


Steve Dodier wrote:
> I attached to this email the icons I've made for the purpose,
> alongside a script that you can run and that will popup the current
> and the proposed notifications. (Just extract the file to your ~ and
> chmod+x the script, then run it, it'll use notify-send).
Steve, you ROCK.

That's one of the coolest presentations I've seen yet - nicely done! I
didn't see any icons on your proposed replacement notifications though,
was that deliberate, or a bug?

I'm very much in favour of tighter, neater, shorter notifications. This
is a great start. I think we can do even better:

    *Battery low*
    25 minutes remaining (15.67%)

That's all that's needed. We shouldn't use generic titles like "Power
information" and then put the detail in the body - we should put the key
information in the title itself. Reading the title should give me the
key idea - my battery is low.

I do think icons in this case are a valuable addition. I would expect to
see a classy battery-low icon together with the message above.

Steve, could you have another stab at the script, following the above
approach, and then we can push for it to be the Karmic proposed standard?


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