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Re: "Power information" notifications


> Hello,
> I've been having a look at gnome-power-manager's notifications lately,
> and I found out that it was popping up notifications with 4 to 7
> lines, which is far from optimal. I've quickly made some icons and
> text changes in order to try to make these notifications more little -
> thus faster to read, because i wasnt even able to read the emergency
> notifications to the end, with the current amount of text.
> I attached to this email the icons I've made for the purpose,
> alongside a script that you can run and that will popup the current
> and the proposed notifications. (Just extract the file to your ~ and
> chmod+x the script, then run it, it'll use notify-send).
> Cordially, SD.

Nice stuff, and nice icons, but could I suggest they be oriented
vertically and put in place of the existing status/battery-caution and
battery-low icons? Since the notification is thrown by
gnome-power-manager, it'll hopefully be trivial to get the same icon
used in the bubble as is used in the system tray applet - something
which I consider to be of vast importance. Having two different icons
for the same thing can only confuse people. (And for that matter, break
one of the goals of having icons: consistent visual hints).

Good luck,
Dylan McCall

PS: On a related note, I discovered just a second ago that pressing the
battery level button on my wireless keyboard now triggers a battery
level popup on the laptop, too. Cool :)

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