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Re: "Power information" notifications



Actually, the goal is not at all to use the same icon than in the panel. For
the panel, I think the goal is an icon that looks good in 22x22 and that
looks consistent with the icon theme, whereas the goal of the notification-*
icons is to look good in the black notify-osd bubbles, and consistent with
the other notification icons. I don't think it'd be achievable.

As for the vertical icon, I must say all I've done so far is based on Mat's
wonderful icon. I'm not good enough to rotate the icon vertically and rework
all the lighting to have it look decent (i tried and failed, actually).

So, here is a set of 22 icons ! If the design is ok, i'll setup a wiki page
with screenshots of current and proposed notifications for each case of
triggered / not triggered notifications.

Cordially, SD.

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