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Re: why compiz in place of mutter


i started using gnome shell on my desktop and unity 2d on my htpc
the reason i stopped using unity 3d on my desktop is because every now and
then while i was playing WoW in wine it would cause my framerates to drop
to unplayable (i'm talking like .5 to 3 fps) levels.
yea it seems gnome shell and mutter uses about twice as much cpu power as
unity and compiz but less ram. how they affect performance changes
depending on the situation. i can play WoW in gnome shell without running
into any problems but i can't in unity (or couldn't i haven't tried in a
few months).  my point is that simply looking at numbers is stupid.

i didn't like either of them to start with but i don't have a problem with
either of them now.  ok well i have a few problems... i hate global app
menus, dislike left sided buttons and the way the launcher gets in the way
in unity.    i don't like the lack of features to the app dock in gnome
shell, having my app indicators at the bottom left corner and the way those
sometimes get in the way of things in gnome shell.  i really liked where
the dash button was in 11.04 and i don't like the big ubuntu button on the
dock now.  i hate how rigid and inflexible the top panel/bar is in both of
them and the way i can't auto hide either of them.  i should probably
mention global app menus again as a dislike because those things are
annoying oh and it's a pain to get to my Wine applications in unity.

they both generally work well enough for me though i think i prefer gnome
shell over unity because i hate global app menus and the unity launcher
gets in my way more than gnome shell's app indicators.
i'm not saying i still don't miss my old gnome2 panel setup sometimes but i
can handle using either unity or gnome shell now... i just wish i could mix
and match features from both.

On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 10:08 AM, Chow Loong Jin <hyperair@xxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> On 29/01/2012 23:53, supernova wrote:
> > maybe it is because I have intel graphics, but I find gnomeshell
> > faster then unity, at first and clean installation I mean. Let's hope
> > better for the future...
> I have two laptops, one of which runs on the Intel GMA 965/X3100, and
> another
> running on Sandy Bridge graphics. I can safely say that under both of these
> conditions, in no case is Mutter faster than Unity. It's probably an issue
> of
> perception and bad press floating around, which can possibly stem from
> Compiz
> being that much more customizable than Mutter.
> --
> Kind regards,
> Loong Jin
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