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Unity Interface in Ubuntu 12.04



I'm a big fan of Ubuntu and the Unity interface and wanted to ask a
few questions about the design. You recently changed the dash Home
because the apps listed there were, usually, already in the launcher
and i thought that was an awesome move, even more so since the
introduction of the quicklist in the launcher items. But now with the
introduction of those quicklists (also a great step in the right
direction) the nautilus launcher has quicklist for all our favorite
folders, so now people will use even less the Files Lens in the dash
even though it lets us search for files and folders more quickly. So
now we have something like the old places menu in gnome 2, but what
about an app menu? We still have to open the dash and make a few
choices in the app category before we are shown only, the type of apps
we want. And there is also an "System/Control Center" launcher in the
launcher, something also similar to gnome 2 menu. Have you thought of
putting 2 new shortcuts in the launcher, that take us to the apps and
files lens? The Files Lens in the Launcher would substitute the
nautilus launcher, using the same quicklist options but when left
clicking it would take us to the Files Lens in the dash. The Apps Lens
in the launcher would have quicklist for the main apps category but
when left clicking it would take us to the Apps Lens in the Dash. The
BFB or dash icon would open the Dash Home with icons for all the
Lenses available. This would make unity more LENS centric and would
make the workflow faster and easier for newcomers.

Thank you in advance for taking your time to read this and for all
your effort in improving Ubuntu. And sorry for my bad english.
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