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No more dodge windows in Unity?


Hi all,

I just updated to the latest Unity pre-release on Precise and the way
the launcher hides has changed.

Previously the default was for it to dodge windows - now, it is
automatically set to never hide. The Appearance->Behaviour settings
allow configuring always-hide and never-hide, but do not allow
configuring the old 'dodge windows' method.

On the assumption that his is intentional (and not a brown-paper-bag
bug), why? The non-techies who I've set up with Oneiric haven't had
any trouble grasping the dodge-windows concept, and it's really the
only usable option on smaller screens such as netbooks (always-hide is
too confusing when first logging in, and never-hide takes too much

I haven't heard any discussion on this list about the issue, so I'm
curious as to the reasoning. Would someone more familiar with the
change please comment?


P.S. For those with a technical bent, CCSM can be used to restore the
old 'dodge windows' behaviour for now.

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