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Integrating Google's NaCl could help solve the Chicken and egg dilema in ubuntu?


Mainstream and mission critical apps/games?

What keeps users in windows ? Exactly those apps.

Ubuntu has indeed made some advances getting a few more apps and games, but is still very far far away from actually being near to solving bug #1?

Google has also undertaken this mission (specially for their chromeOS), so they have been working on part of the solution that is called Native-client (NaCl) technology.

This is a huge step and some adopters already include Square Enix, Unity Technologies, and Bungie (video explaination and presentation):

Originally it was intended for google chrome/chromium browser and chromeOS, but is open source and anyone can adopt or integrate it.

How powerful is it? (from the link above): Native Client allows you to port your existing apps (C, C++, C#, etc.) to the web while maintaining just one code base. Spacetime Studios ported their multiplayer online game Star Legends in less than two weeks from an existing code base of more than half a million lines of code.)

They are also working on a Portable Native client (PNaCl).

Ubuntu has become a lot better and has a new interface, but that alone is not going to get those mission critical apps that many Enterprise and users need, so growth is not as fast as it could be because of the chicken/egg problem.

ChromeOS (even if its very new and suppose to be just a "cloud" OS) already starting to showcase more Popular apps than ubuntu and they also feel integrated...

So how can we leverage the huge potential of NaCl and make it feel more "native" in ubuntu? Can we integrate it into ubuntu or USC ? make those apps searchable without having to install chrome first?

Maybe we wont get Msft Office early on ;) , but we could get many others to make the transition quickly and easier than ever.

Maybe say goodbye to the need for WINE in a few years?!

We have to accept that the big players are not going to support us unless we fix the chicken/egg problem and get big momentum behind us. All tweaks to the UI helps , but is not going to do it. Preinstalled greatly helps but is also not the magical bullet

Ubuntu mainstream? there is more hope!


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