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Re: Integrating Google's NaCl could help solve the Chicken and egg dilema in ubuntu?


On 08/02/12 15:22, Stefanos Apostolopoulos wrote:
2012/2/8 James Gifford <james@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:james@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>

    Not to be a killjoy, but may I ask exactly what this has to do
    with [Unity-design]? I love the idea as well, would just like to
    keep this in the appropriate place. :)

I'm not the original poster, but the original question was how to integrate NaCl into Unity seamlessly. This certainly does look like a design question to me. :)

NaCL is cool but it's a red herring in this context - let's get it right for GMail and Spotify, Crysis will then be easy ;)

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