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Re: No more dodge windows in Unity?


On 02/08/2012 04:40 PM, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:

I didn't phrase the question well, sorry.

The total number of preferences, settings, and options across the WHOLE ubuntu system should stay constant or decrease. Which two options from anywhere in System Settings would you propose to remove, to fit this new option into the budget?

I think you're taking the advice to have ever less options way too literally . If the existence of an option can be justified then it shouldn't be dependent on other options .
We do test this with users. I've described the results. It's expensive to test, so it's worth simply applying what we have learned in the past, rather than testing everything for every micro-change.

Micro changes can be tested alongside everything - make a list of them , make a few combinations of the UI , and you will get feedback on all the changes . That's one way to get testing for details (and more so investigate how the rules for user psychology actually apply for the little things) . That's an idea in general , which I hope can be useful .

What we have learned in the past is that users who experience the dodge separate from an actual immediate consequence to their own action, are confused by it. That makes the dodge a bad, broken idea. Period. No matter how much you may love it, or I may love it, it's not a good idea to expose to users.

I still think that in this particular case you're dumming down users too much . If someone changes the launcher behaviour , even if it's amongst some other configurations (if we're talking about accidents it's a whole different topic) , they will have some memory of it . Yes, if you present them with a system that's on that mode it can be very confusing , but for someone to have changed to it they have to have read the caption "dodge windows" , and some kind of connection will emerge . And as I said - if you trust they will handle autohide - they'll know how to make the launcher appear in dodge .

Well , as I don't see us approaching some consensus (not that I'm giving up my point) - I very much hope the option will not be fully removed . If you don't put it in the core , it should be still configurable through ,say, MyUnity .

P.S.:I'm apparently a moron , forgot to add ayatana again ..