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Re: No more dodge windows in Unity ? Why keep the "Always hide" option ?


On 09. feb. 2012 20:13, Florent Delayen wrote:

In fact, dodge windows is smarter and more convenient.
Many users like dodge windows, and just a few are using "Always hide"...

That is by no means a fact. Don't claim that things are facts when they obviously isn't. If you have facts, then prove it.

Why can't you keep never hide and dodge windows ?

Always visible is the default now. Dodge windows is gone, but auto-hide is still there. I don't think most people would boot a computer in order to only use gcalctool or some other very small window very often. Perhaps it would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut to switch between always-show and auto-hide? That's easily implemented outside of Unity, so I don't see that as a big problem. You could add a launcher to a script that does it, if you really wanted to and then you'd have your super+num shortcut to it. If switching between visible and hidden is such a killer feature, then I'm sure you'll want to spend a launcher on it?

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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