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Re: On left-clicking the launcher with multiple instances running


On 13/02/12 12:53, Alan Bell wrote:
On 13/02/12 11:47, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
* if the app is running with windows, but not focused, bring the last-focused window to the top and focus it => if we know there are other windows which are part of that window's experience, like floating toolbars and palettes, raise them too
      => do not raise or unminimise any other windows
that would be a massive improvement, so the current behavior of raising all app windows at once when you click the launcher icon is a bug and not intentional then?

Yes, in my mind. Other members of the design team may have specified that, or it might be a bug, or it might be that the engineers haven't yet got to implementing that. But in my mind, it's a bug that should be addressed.