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Re: On left-clicking the launcher with multiple instances running


On 13/02/12 15:42, Omar B. wrote:
1) spread/scale needs quite some improvements, as it hasn't seen any at all since its introduction.

here you can see the problem in more detail.

it has been forgotten for a while, so it still resembles the old expose from like 2006.

We would take patches for:

*some improvements to the scale would be:

-window titles on the previews

-highlight current active window

-close button on hover to easily get rid of windows that are just cluttering.

-automatically show scale after a few seconds hover?

I think all of those are worth trying. We would probably not be interested in:

-assign each window preview a number or letter to remember for faster switching

-static position of the previews for predictability

Because we'd rather do a dash-style text search than randomly assigned hotkeys (you know what you are looking for, rather than hunting for the window then hunting for the hotkey assigned to it dynamically).

As for static positioning, I think there should be a *bias* to re-use of window positions, but not at the expense of crappy use of the space. It's a spread, use the space.


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