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Re: Non-app launcher entries always on top or bottom?


Em 15-02-2012 06:52, Mark Shuttleworth escreveu:
John and I had discussed the idea that you could pin any one thing you
like to the bottom corner. The mechanics of how you would do that are
tricky; for example, dragging something into that slot to displace
what's there sounds nice, till you think about 'dragging to the Trash' :)

As a starting point, we could allow an 'Unlatch from the corner'
quicklist item, and then a mechanism to drag something into that slot if
it is unoccupied. But it would require a lot of refinement and testing.
Nevertheless, this would let you choose *what* goes into the corner slot.

Prototypes in PPA form welcome :)

The customization crowd might flame for this, but I don't think pinning *anything* is necessary. I think it's more consistent if the bottom
space is left just for general funcionality like trash, show desktop
and workspace switching, not applications. *Perhaps* the removable
media, but that's the limit.