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Re: proposal "about this computer"


On 02/19/2012 04:57 PM, Michel RENON wrote:

Le 13/02/12 11:01, Christian Giordano a écrit :
Thanks for sharing your idea Michel!

Personally I am not sure that "About this computer..." is used so
frequently to deserve to be so easily accessible.

And this menu might become very usefull if easily accessible : it might become an entrypoint to every other analysis/diagnosis tool.

If data really shows
that we need an easier way to access it, maybe it could be a quicklist
item in the Dash tile.

Best, chr

something like that ?

It's a very good suggestion !
It's 90% ok. IMHO, the 10% problem remaining is that the "about.." menu is hidden behind a right-click : not obvious for beginners. But it would be a first (good) step. And I suppose it would be very easy to implement : the menu could open the first tab of "system monitor" or "System info" from "settings" (it seems these 2 panels conflict : they show nearly the same informations).


Didn't we have an "About Ubuntu" that was there until Oneiric? I liked that official window which gave information about the version of Ubuntu, the code name, how releases work, etc. Why was it taken out? Thanks!