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Re: new and old in recents DE


> On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 11:52:32PM +0100, supernova wrote:
> > > At a very basic level, what the HUD does, is to enable the computer to adapt
> > > to the human, instead of forcing the human to adapt to the computer. Explain
> > > to me how that's not different from the computers of the 80s.
> > +1
> >
> ... Okay. 
> Now, to prevent misunderstanding: I really love the idea of the HUD.
> It is one of the best things to be announced for Precise, I think -
> not least because it makes things better for both normal *and* power
> users (I use focus follows mouse. The global menu makes that an issue
> with non-maximised windows, although the f10 shortcut helps a lot. The
> HUD is a *better* solution to it all, and it means I don't need to
> take my hands off the keyboard. And it's better for everyone else, too. 
> That's lovely).
> So, how does the HUD make the computer adapt? All I've seen of it so far 
> is providing a new (and much better) interface to menu commands than 
> we've had before. Evolutionary not revolutionary, in other words. So... 
> what have I missed? How does the HUD make the computer *progressively*
> change what it's doing to make the user's life easier. 

so how does this type of searchable menu makes life easier?

well I believe here is a good example of a hud type interface incorporated into an app:


but with hud you can have something like that for virtually all apps at once and has other potentials.

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