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Re: Some impressions about the current status of Unity


To launch what you know you have installed, use the Dash.

To explore what may be installed, or may be available, use the Software Centre.

Now, neither piece may yet be ideal, but we should improve the design of those pieces for their specific purposes, not try to make everything do everything.


On 22/02/12 15:29, Adrian Maier wrote:
On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 17:19, nick rundy<nrundy@xxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
The problem is having to "expand" options, like the "See more results"
option. Too much stuff is being crammed into the dash.

For example, on the Applications Lens, users should be able to use setting
to configure it so that it ONLY shows the applications installed on the
machine. And by default shows ALL results. This way the user doesn't have to
click so many things to get an expanded view of Applications. Also the
filters should not have to be expanded (which I believe is the case in


if the Applications Lens defaults to show all stuff by default, then Unity
is just as convenient as old-GNOME.

1. tap SUPER+A
2. click GAMES
That sounds like  just a workaround for solving a problem that didn't
exist before changing  something that used to work well enough  ...

If there is a big list with all the applications ,   it implies
scrolling in order to find the category and then  finding the
application.  Too much visual noise for getting done a simple thing.

I really mean that the right solution is to have a real classic menu /
list view .

Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 16:39:36 +0200
From: syraxes@xxxxxxxxx
To: unity-design@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Unity-design] Some impressions about the current status of Unity
Hello people,

Today I've been curious to see what is the current status of Unity
compared to the version shipped last year with 11.04.
So i've installed the Ubuntu daily beta 12.04 in a virtual machine .

The main thing I would like to comment about is : navigation around
the available applications .

I have chosen a simple task : " let's see what games are installed
" . Steps :
- CLICK on "ubuntu button"
- looking for the word "categories" on screen. Couldn't find it.
Finally figured out that "Filter results" might help with my task
- CLICK on Filter Results
- CLICK on Games
- it displays : Aislerot Solitaire , Freecell Solitaire , Mahjongg , Mines
- hmm. Are there just 4 games installed ? apparently not - there
is a link "See 1 more result"
- CLICK on "see 1 more result".

The next task "now let's see what development software is installed" .
Steps :
- the screen is still showing the previous screen with the games .
- CLICK on Developer in "filter results"
- nothing changes in the search results !
- CLICK on Games , to deselect
- the Developer software finally

Result : after 6 clicks I have been able to see what games and what
development tools are installed by default in 12.04 beta .
Too big icons , on a normal display there will always be necessary
to click on "see more N results".

Now let's see the steps needed to do the same tasks in Ubuntu 10.04 ,
gnome 2 :
- CLICK on "ubuntu button"
- move the mouse over "Games" . Read the list of applications.
- move the mouse over "Programming" . Read the list of applications.

Sorry for ranting , but killing productivity for visual cuteness is
not progress ...
It should be possible to have a classical menu with applications
categories (maybe on right-click on the desktop).

My personal conclusion : the current Unity is just as disappointing
as last year.
Starting an application multiple times seems to be handled ok now
(useful particularly for terminals).
But there is still zero configurability (in settings ->  appearance
the user can only change the wallpaper and autohide the launcher .
Quite hilarious in a sad way ) .
No possibility to disable the global menu .
My main showstopper : no classic applications menu.


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