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Re: Ubuntu, Toolkits, Precision, and the Future


> Ubuntu isn't about choice though. One of Ubuntu's foundational
> principles was that it would be a Linux distribution where the
> developers make the intelligent, informed decisions so people don't
> have to answer 20 questions just to use it. For instance, only one web
> browser is installed by default.
> On the other hand, Ubuntu isn't a prison either. There's lots of
> browsers and desktop environments available in universe, and generally
> there are lots of ways to customize your Ubuntu. There's a strong
> focus on usability though which limits available choices, such as in
> System Settings.
> Jeremy Bicha

Woo, someone who gets it! I had meant more it *can* be about choice. That
the options are out there in the repos and that will remain there. But,
yes, this.