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Re: Remove Pornographic Apps from the "Apps available for download"


On 24. feb. 2012 03:34, cmaglothin wrote:
I really don't think that that was at all called for. All that was said is that there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. People shouldn't have to deal with pornography applications showing up out of the blue on their PC. By non-PG I simply meant X-rated items should be restricted to within the app store, completely installable, but only when specifically called for.

Great. But you make it ubundantly clear that your values are shared by everyone. We should even somehow be familiar with your codes of value. They are not.

As for your anger, I am right there with you. Not all American's fall in the same category you described below, I for instance am not religious, pro-choice, pro-history, pro-science, and pro-not-interfering-with-other-peoples-countries. So before you go accusing me of such things, think.

Yes, but I am personally offended by the stupidity of the democratic choices my people does. When I was young, it was illegal for Norway to go into another country with armed forces without a direct attack. After your 911, though, we were forced to changing our constitution. Because otherwise, we would be your enemy. And that would mean going into alliance with Russia and China, which is even more foreign than USA.

But I have never, ever, proposed removing the bible or qur'an from any site on the internet. All those books offend me deeply. I consider religion to be more dangerous than AIDS. Still, it's not decease you're looking to sensor. It's humanity. The imagery of people expressing their human feelings. Drinking human blood, of course, is just symbolic seremony, so that shouldn't offend anyone.

A parent should not have to worry that their child might be exposed to pornography by their computer. This is not something that one has to deal with in ANY other OS. If you wish to keep on with this conversation, I am more than happy to keep it going in private, because this type of talk as not appropriate for a design forum.

Are you all stupid over there? In the old days, Americans were educated. Now, it seems, all educated americans are moving to Europe. And of course, we're not complaining about them. They're americans, after all. Tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis. When the world changes, parenting does too. Don't try to change the internet because you happen to have a child. Change your child. Prepare your child to meet the world. We won't change, I promise. The only sane thing to do, is to correct the things you can correct, not to do an xkcd/386. The world ain't gonna change. To me, your child is just as valuable as the millions of african babies that are starving in africa. Perhaps we should sensor that knowledge before we start sensoring how babies are made?

Jo-Erlend Schinstad