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Re: Remove Pornographic Apps from the "Apps available for download"


I really don't think that that was at all called for. All that was said is
that there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. People shouldn't have to
deal with pornography applications showing up out of the blue on their PC.
By non-PG I simply meant X-rated items should be restricted to within the
app store, completely installable, but only when specifically called for.

As for your anger, I am right there with you. Not all American's fall in
the same category you described below, I for instance am not religious,
pro-choice, pro-history, pro-science, and
pro-not-interfering-with-other-peoples-countries. So before you go accusing
me of such things, think.

A parent should not have to worry that their child might be exposed to
pornography by their computer. This is not something that one has to deal
with in ANY other OS. If you wish to keep on with this conversation, I am
more than happy to keep it going in private, because this type of talk as
not appropriate for a design forum.

On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 8:17 PM, Jo-Erlend Schinstad <
joerlend.schinstad@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 24. feb. 2012 02:20, cmaglothin wrote:
>> He didn't say take them out of the market, I think he meant take them out
>> of the suggested apps in the lenses. Or at least make it where non-PG apps
>> are not placed in the suggestions of the lenses by default and have it be
>> opt out.
> I had never heard of PG before you mentioned it. I had to look it up on
> Wikipedia. It's a USA thing, right? Like Mark Twain, Tolkien, Dostojevski,
> etc? Too strong for the american public?
> I will tell you a few things about my perspective. I am under attack by
> everyone. 30% of the population really hates USA in public. Most hate them
> in private, but it's not considered politically correct to hate USA because
> of the Marshall plan, so most don't. 40% of the population hates the arabic
> world. Nobody hates Africa, of course. That would be politically incorrect.
> We are the world, aren't we? I was born in 1980, which makes me a factor.
> Nobody would ever want to mess with africa. That would kill any public
> persons name. China? Everyone hates them, except for the products, of
> course. They hate us and want to make us an new Cuba, but that works out
> fine, because the reason they hate us is our belief in free speech.
> USA is beginning to look like Iran from a Norwegian perspective.
> Unfortunately, the american fundamentalism is the least of our problems
> these days. The level of fundamentalism in a country that claims to be
> free, is staggering. You're punishing teachers for teaching the
> connotations of the word nigger. Have you gone insane? It would be like
> punishing a Norwegian teacher for teaching why nazism is bad. We don't do
> that yet, because we haven't reached the level of insanity that the USA
> has. We are certainly on our way, of course. We still have some pieces of
> democracy and the freedom of speech.
> Let me put it in your own language, that comes to me without any kind of
> involvement on my part. And you'll never find any kind of similar text on
> the internet with my signature on it, the point being that it's quite
> possible to know words without using them;
> Take your american bitch ass motherfucking for-death/pro-life hypocrisy
> and get the fuck out of my internet. And don't let the door hit your fat
> bigoted american ass on your motherfucking way out.
> Or otherwise, we might possibly get together and figure out how to make
> the peoples of the world agree with your views on what's appropriate and
> what's not. That would be a better solution, from my perspective. For
> instance, in Norway, it is perfectly legal for me as a man to go into a
> café with no shirt on, since I'm a man, but they're discussing whether or
> not it should be legal for women to cover their hair. Isn't that beautiful?
> What is your perspective on this with regards to the internet? But
> obviously, I would be wrong. We might for instance discuss whether or not
> Ubuntu should spread books that sell the notion of drinking human blood and
> eating their flesh as a way to become more valuable. But few americans
> would ever champion the idea that Ubuntu should forbid the bible. Would
> they?
> Norwegians who went to America and made a fortune, are promoted as heroes.
> Africans who come to Norway in order to make an honest buck, are considered
> criminals. Trust me when I tell you that I am deeply and personally
> offended by the fact that this is how the world works. I know the USA has
> the same concept with Mexicans.
> I understand the difficulties. But I reject the notion that sexuality
> should be the next victim of the righteous right to decide what's proper
> and what is not. If you want to protest, then protest the promotion of the
> bible or the qur'an or the tora.
> We could not possibly, under any circumstance, sensor naked humans for
> young people without requiring some sort of registration. If you don't like
> that, go make your own distro. In the meantime, perhaps parents should
> teach their own children what to do and what now to do.
> I apologize for my anger on this one, but it just couldn't be helped.
> --
> Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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