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Re: Remove Pornographic Apps from the "Apps available for download"


On 24. feb. 2012 04:26, Ryan Gauger wrote:

Sorry, I am just a little confused, was this email to me? Sorry about the confusion! :)


Why should it ever matter who receives your opinions? I assure you, with all the hundreds of emails I get every day, unless you make some sort of impression, I won't remember you an hour from now. Either you're convinced something is right, or you're convinced something is not. Or you might be in the process of understanding, in which case you'll want to hear from everyone. Right?

This is the internet. That's the problem. USA now wants to sensor Europe because parents don't have time to care about their children and don't like what the world thinks, though they do let them communicate with the world outside.

North Korea and USA is starting to look a little similar. Let the state protect the minds of the young by prohibiting information. :)

I think  I'll go listen to a CD of Frank Zappa now.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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