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Re: Remove Pornographic Apps from the "Apps available for download"


On 02/23/2012 09:37 PM, Jo-Erlend Schinstad wrote:
On 24. feb. 2012 04:25, Ryan Gauger wrote:
I also think that this should (if it is closed) be read by other people. ---I am not religious. I am simply a person who cares about other people. I care about people in this way because I do not want them to take a vacation (a bad one, and for eternity) to Hell. Would you like to ask Jesus into your heart? I can see that you probably not a Christian since you called me directly a "religious person". Thanks!


I despise the concept of Abrahams God. I've argued my case with priests and mullahs. So what? I consider religion to be a decease. That doesn't mean I hate the patient. Quite the contrary. I feel great compassion for those who suffer from it.

But this is Ubuntu. We can't be responsible for your health.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

I don't think I said that I wanted you to be my nurse did I? I despise the concept of your thinking this is a "concept". A concept is a general idea. This is certainly NOT AN IDEA. Also, I think I did state that you may tell me you despise this, but no matter how many times you do, it won't change the *FACT* that Jesus can change your life. It certainly will *NOT* change the fact that Jesus loves you and died on the cross for you. No other "small 'g'" gods did that, now did they? And most of them were never here on earth, if they were, they certainly weren't and still aren't gods are they? Believe they are, but believe me, they were/are not.