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Re: Remove Pornographic Apps from the "Apps available for download"


Hey guys,

I'd just like to apologize for the mess I've caused.  When I started the
thread I had no intention of creating such controversy.  I'm sorry for the
ruckus I've caused and hope we can all treat the problem with the
seriousness it deserves.

Jo is correct.  "Offensive" is a relative term.  A bible may be the holiest
book on earth to one and the most offensive bile to another.  Such is the
human condition and we should account for it appropriately.

*There are two solutions I see:* remove the "Apps available for download"
portion of the apps lens (its pretty useless anyway) or restrict the "apps
available for download" to Ubuntu provided software until enough
information is gathered for an algorithm to know that the user would like
pornographic, religious, or other *sensitive*information to be displayed.

I hope these solutions are reasonable and appropriate and can be agreed
upon with relative ease.  Again I apologize and I sincerely hope that we
can all continue our professional relationships in a friendly and peaceable


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