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Re: Remove Pornographic Apps from the "Apps Available for Download"


On 24/02/12 17:48, Manish Sinha wrote:
On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 9:58 PM, Mark Shuttleworth<mark@xxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
So, please file a bug to the effect that:

  * we should have a set of apps which will only match a very restricted,
specific title search
  * we should have a documented policy to this effect, and a mechanism to add
apps to that list

Mark, so how about a system wide parental control? Cultures differ
across countries. What is
acceptable to one community might not be acceptable to other. Rather
than making choices, how
about giving them a UI where they can switch off various content types. e.g.
* Violence (like violence games)
* Adult content
*<insert any other category>

This isn't to censor, but allow filtering. Ubuntu should not add
default filters. Probably the GUI can be
added to "Privacy" in System Settings.

Yes, this kind of framework would be welcome.