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Re: Remove Pornographic Apps from the "Apps Available for Download"


On 24/02/12 16:40, Ryan Gauger wrote:
I would like to feel free to evangelise where I wish.

You are not free to evangelise across working Ubuntu forums or mailing lists. Ubuntu is a global project that aims to provide a productive forum for people of widely diverse interests to collaborate on building a beautiful, functional personal computing story that is free.

Can I do so at the CC? I also would like to see Ubuntu as a Christian operating system if possible. Where can I take this? Thanks!

Ryan, iirc, at various times there have been a Christian remix of Ubuntu, which integrates specific tools and content for that audience. There is also an Islamic focused derivative, and a Satanic remix. We are rather proud of the fact that people of diverse beliefs are able to collaborate with one another here to mutual benefit. Please celebrate that diversity, and if you cannot, then please focus your efforts on one or other of those projects.