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Re: Settled: Re: Quit vs Close - Quicklists


On 26. feb. 2012 08:26, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:

No, "Quit" should quit. It might do so graciously, offering you the chance to save files, but the end result should be that the little triangle disappears altogether; the app is stopped.


Yes, but how exactly should that be done? I mean, the application itself is able to ignore normal signals. So when it doesn't quit and, like Transmission, simply hides the window and keeps doing its thing; should that be considered a bug in Transmission? Or will the launcher wait a certain amount and then kill it, or what? In the case with Transmission, when you really tell it to quit, it will display a dialog asking you to wait for status updates to be sent, etc. This can take some time. How will this be handled?

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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