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Re: Are there plans to add "Reboot" item to the power-cog menu in panel?


On 02/26/2012 11:57 PM, Paul Sladen wrote:
On Sun, 26 Feb 2012, nick rundy wrote:
I really miss not having the option of rebooting from the panel
If reboot were to be added, which other menu item would you remove?

   1. What would be the pros (positives) of this change?
   2. What would be the cons (negatives) of this change?

Would the first outweight the second enough to make it the default?



Why is there a need to remove a menu item to introduce Reboot option? I think it would be easier to restart the menu if this option is included in the power cog menu. Sure you can click shutdown and then in the dialog press restart. But why this extra step? What's the harm in introducing an additional menu item in the power cog? More than anything else the reboot is definitely required.


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